Topic: ALLllLLllLLlllRIGHTY THEEENNNN astral projection for beta-minds

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not done, dont expect it to work just 26hz for now         45 minutes     Gonna provide a slow down into profound relaxation and inner calming peace via top threshold    epsilon range    @ 0.5hz     "the Whole Brain Toner" followed by a ramping up to     0.9hz     for the euphoric bodily vibrations that may or may not arise (unlikely in the beta-inclined but who knows).             Shortly thereafter you'll jump quickly to    1.0hz    to induce a quick shutter into harmony and balance within the psyche and physical form    (should allow for easier disconnect; personally i know i unwittingly end up fighting the astral release by reacting emotionally)      then a slow ramp to 1.45hz for Tri-Thalamic entrainment of the brain's "switchboard or motherboard" tying the thalamus, hypothalamus, pineal and pituartary together into a unified harmony    eventually you'll be brought into 3.5hz via ramping to enhance psychic receptivity and provide a feeling of unity with your surroundings, leaving only your astral consciousness as your sole seperate entity as your physical form melds with the matter of your immediate environment        now comes the steep ramp to 4.5hz Shamanic state of Consciousness / Tibetan Buddhist Chants and Zen meditation center from where I'll gradually raise your astral oscillations to an alt. 26.0 to 28.0 bouncing back and forth as to cause delay between your physical and astral forms. This is where (if you haven't already left your physical behind) you'll be subtly bounced out-of-body by your own reverberating vibrations