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Topic: Thanksnesses For Existing!


It's so great to be here & have access to an app where we can request tones!

So many thank~you's for creating this app!
Also for being open to our requests.
Since emoti~smilies don't work, I'ma start using these ~
(⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃  I'm new to them, but love how cute & expressive they are.

I'm so excited about what this app has to offer!

Take care & stuff!

Re: Thanksnesses For Existing!

Hello and welcome to our happy little community I hope you enjoy it here I do!

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Re: Thanksnesses For Existing!

I am so sorry for such a late response! Time goes by freakishly fast for me. An hour for a "normal", healthy people feels like fifteen or twenty minutes for me.
It is incredibly frustrating for me & for those in my life. I've missed so much time with those who are important to me, especially my family!
It's not only time going by faster for me, it's also that I take forever to do things.
However, it's more that time goes by too fast for me. I miss so much of my life!
Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the section where I request needed help!. It is the reason why I took so long to respond though & it REALLY takes a toll on my life! sad

Re: Thanksnesses For Existing!

Welcome... I can totally relate to what u said about time being different for u and missing out on things and family. ... U r not alone out there and we care about u!

Re: Thanksnesses For Existing!

may I recommend for you the following presets Theta up down ramp extreme powerful anti stress Alfa delfa and any of the other Theta ones that list themselves as such.