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Topic: Agoraphobia

Agoraphobia prevents me from going out very often, especially after moving to a new city for the first time in my life & I'm 37! I lived in a place called Brampton, in Ontario, Canada for thirty~something years & then moved to Windsor, Ontario. I hate that I have this major anxiety issue! It's prevents me from living freely.
[agoraphobia is a form of anxiety so severe that it keeps me away from leaving the house very often. I'm afraid of society & the cruel people in it & it keeps from living freely & thriving (I know I keep mentioning the word, "thrive", but it's SO crucial!) I'm so afraid of cruel people & this new city has made it worse, 'cause people in Windsor are extra selfish & mean].
I'm too sensitive for this place!

People like me listen to your app nearly every day & need to.

You're the best!

Lotsa hugs