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Topic: The BEST brainwave study of its kind - Can we replicate it? Gamma,Thet

Hello everyone, I have found this study where they showed brainwave osciliations in rats when they were found to have done mistakes during navigation and wonder if we can replicate it on SINE. They showed consistent low theta activation, but when they found out they had a mistake in navigation they showed synchronized Gamma (35-55hz), High Gamma activation (65-120hz)

Study: Successful Execution of Working Memory Linked to Synchronized High-Frequency Gamma Oscillations
You can find it by googling that, go to the sciencedirect link. It's basically triangular theta (6-9hz) all the way through with short spikes in Gamma (35-45hz), High Gamma (65-100hz)

I can't post links but the images we are concerned with are Figure S1, Figure S5, 5,  S7 only the CT mice