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Topic: using multiple Isochronic Tones (cross coupling ?)

this is just an example but lets just say I need to use this set of Frequencies (or Tones)  this is for Isochronics

•    Chem Spray Related Illness - 664, 7344, 2842, 1147, 686.6, 684.1, 113, 779.9, 829.3, 279.2, 865, 969.9, 1067, 783.6, 800.4, 1045, 1062, 673.9, 690.7

Lets just say that I wanted to run half of them for 5 minutes , and the other half for 5 minutes.  I am not sure but isnt this something like cross coupling ?   playing 6-8 Tones at once ?  (to speed things up) ?

I dont know the name for this, or I would try to look it up.......  but can I arrange these so I can play all or half of them at once ?  or do I have to play each one, one at a time ?

its very difficult to do this without Instructions.  The nomenclature and terminology is very foreign and difficult to find a starting point

thanks for any suggestions

Re: using multiple Isochronic Tones (cross coupling ?)

I assume those are base frequencies, so you'd want to play them one after the other, if you play them all together you'll probably just get a dissonant mess. Not sure which frequency I would use for the pulses though, maybe schumann?