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A simulated mix of meth (crystal), molly (mdma) and acid (lsd). have fun. you will feel awake, in love and full of euphoric energies. the night can come ^^. use with caution - only for experienced users. i-soEuphoria is from germany and researchs binaural and isochronic beats since 2010. only the best researched sequences are in the sessions included. any suggestions? i can make your dream sequence: write me an email to dont forget to like this sequence and to tell about it. the effect of my sessions will come after listening to the whole 15 minutes sequence...listen to your favorite music after completing this session!

Re: Candy-Flip

Thank you for the sequence.  I totally dig it.   I would love to have a phenylpiracetam/adrafonil sequence. big_smile

Re: Candy-Flip

I was feeling run down and tired. Decided to give this a try and got to just feeling really good afterwards. I was not tired of one completion of the town and was good to go for 2 hours. Euphoria lasted for also the 2 hours.