Topic: SINE is coming to F-Droid, and it's leaving Google Play

Finally, we're making progress towards including the Android version of SINE in the F-Droid app store.

Ever since I stopped using google's services on my phone, F-Droid has become my main platform to get apps, and to release new apps. F-Droid, in case you don't know, is an app store for free and open source applications, and it's been gaining more and more popularity in the last few years, as google kept sabotaging developers on their store.

While SINE has always been open source since its release in 2014, the version on google play contains some proprietary libraries by google that I have no control over, and that's a bad thing because they might do bad things and I would be responsible for it.
In addition to this, google play is becoming increasingly toxic for developers like me. I recently had an app removed for no reason because they claimed it was malware, despite being fully open source; and if that's not enough, the recent crackdown on "pseudoscience" will surely impact SINE as well. I can either pull the app myself, or they will do it in a few months.

The version of SINE that is coming to F-Droid will be 100% free and with no ads, with the same features as the google play version. Basically you get the paid version for free.

As soon as SINE comes out on F-Droid, the google play version will be updated to show an alert to inform users that future updates will only be distributed through F-Droid. Once most people have migrated to the F-Droid version, I will activate a kill switch in the app, pull the app from google play, and terminate my account as a final middle finger to google. All this will be happening by the end of 2019.

While I'm waiting for F-Droid's final approval, here's where you can get F-Droid: There are some great apps on this store that you can't get anywhere else, you should definitely check it out, especially if you care about your privacy and security.