Topic: Tri-Alpha Crosswave Loop (Calming/Focus)

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3 Frequencies in alpha range (8.025Hz - 10.715Hz - 13.5Hz) slowly crossing over and fading into eachother in a sawtooth pattern (with slow waves of white noise), same pattern as the tri-theta loop, different frequencies.

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Made a small variation on the theta loop I made earlier because I think it should be effective for focus too, higher entrainment frequencies but lower base frequencies.

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do on these presets in epsilon, delta and gamma if you can

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Sure smile

Was thinking about doing that anyway, it's not that much work changing the frequencies, though it'll probably take a while testing if I got the right ones, I'll probably upload 'em later today.

Edit: done (I use an xml editor, if it's just replacing the frequencies I can simply use find and replace, already had a frequency range in mind that's why it was so quick, the crossover of waves seems to have a strong effect, it probably works for all brain waves)

Got the idea from the shepard tone.

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Flow Coma,
I just tried this one wasn't really focused on anything but it was very relaxing and in my closed eyes I could see phosphenes.
Great work!

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Thank you, good to hear it has a positive effect for you.

For the focus part, personally I use most presets when reading, it calms me down and helps against distractions.