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Theta waves using musical frequencies, harmonics from 4.012Hz to 10.112Hz, single tone from 4.505Hz to 9.01Hz.

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A bit of background information about this (and the other version of this) preset.

The frequencies used in this preset are all "musical frequencies", meaning, the distance between them are the same distances as the notes on a keyboard. The reason behind this is, listening to music on its own can alter mood, listening to a fast beat can make your heart race, listening to something slow can make you relaxed, the melodies carry a certain mood behind them, so I decided to incorporate this into my presets.

I selected a few good sounding chords on the major scale, and used those frequencies as base frequencies (in this case 3) and as the isochronic frequencies I used the same note as the base frequencies, except a very low octave (you can go as low as you want with notes, which would be inaudible if played as a normal tone, by dividing a note by 2 you go 1 octave lower, divide it by 4 to go 2 octaves lower, etc.) .

Now playing 3 isochronic frequencies using the frequency range a chord normally uses creates quite a pleasant interaction between them as chords can sound nice because of the synchronization between frequencies. it made sense to me to give the base frequencies the same selection of notes as the isochronic frequencies.

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versions of these in delta, alpha and gamma pretty please

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I might do some other versions, altering an existing preset is a bit easier than creating a new one from scratch, but it still is a lot of work making them harmonic, it took hours to create this one.

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wow, that is awesome that you have patience to do this. if that is the case if I had to pick one I'd pick delta. anyway what has been provided is beyond my capacity to understand how to do a preset like these.

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When I'm in a creative flow I tend to finish what I started on smile.

It's really because of the harmonics that it takes that long, the program is fine when doing standard isochronic tones, but because I'm pushing what it's capable of, and trying to experiment and go into another direction as the standard isochronic tones, it takes a lot of time getting it right.

I did write a very simple python script that allows me to quickly generate the saw wave patterns, doing that by hand would be too much work, I'm a perfectionist too, so everything has to be exact.

If it wasn't for the curiosity, I wouldn't have gone this far, sadly enough this community is quite small and the author of this program doesn't have the time to work on it anymore, you are really the only one who has replied so far. I really like the fact that this app is community oriented though, and all the content for it is free, I noticed there are a lot of really bad presets in between really good ones so I decided to contribute on my own trying to make the quality as high as I possibly can (as far as I understand how isochronic tones work).

If I decide to make another version of this preset, my first choice would've indeed been delta, and after that alpha, I'd probably skip on the gamma waves, I never found use for those.

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well you are graciously appreciated for your intentions. they are received whole heartedly. I realize that you also may not have much time for this either; however if you have an idea which delta, theta, alpha are the best and will actually worthy of using is appreciate to know. I my self don't have the slightest clue what's what. I have some go to presets otherwise I feel a bit disoriented as to which ones can work for me.

in essence I want to k ow which ones work best for astral projection, lucid dreaming, sleep as well as short term memory/paying attention (basically i always forget where i put things i use every day, all these circles I go I  are unnecessary and distracting). detoxification and anything that can soothe over thinking/ heart racing.

I am a very hyper always have been getting calm and clear is difficult at certain moments. almost 28 and I am at the point where I have a better grip on this than I ever did. however I am seeking to ascend past this part of my life as quickly as I can.

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Personally I just try them and see what works for me, there is also information about each set of brainwaves you can find on google so I use that too.

What works best for me with over thinking and heart racing is breathing exercises, if you don't know how to do those, there is a lot of information about it online and there are also apps that can help guide you. Just keep in mind won't work immediately and will take some practice.