Topic: reorganizing the list? l

wondering if there is anyway that the preset download list can be reorganized by the order in which the frequencies are in (meaning:epsilon/delta 1st, 2nd theta, 3rd beta, 4th gamma; thjs as well as editing the preset descriptions that do not expressly say what tones and time that they will be generated during the entrainment track.

I realize organizing them is likely out of the question but at least adding detailed descriptions to those left in define or just use words to describe that may be experienced makes it difficult (at least for my self) and I imagine anyone attempting to those this miraculous tppl to bring achieve wellness, balance, happiness, etc...

personally it is not an option to just get on a computer to use the editor to figure it out myself.  and it appears that in a lot of post there are those in need of the help from the stimuli provided that are in this boat aswell that ask whays what frequency is this and what does what.

I can only imagine how many have used this app and gave up for similar circumstances and frustration from the lack of this type of info.

I however am very determined about anything I set my mind on.  soni am asking kindly if there is a way and if there is will someone not here this call?

anyway I have a migraine so I'm going to listen muscle health and then headache relief if it does not help. so good night hope this considered. 4th for reading. peace