Topic: Another-Ego (Prototype-1)

A new Preset has been uploaded by Saulo dos Santos Neto

Assume other life memories like you clone another person memories and feel it's YOUR own memories. Relax, you normally have a close friend or partner with you(in the "dream") if you listen this and fall asleep or are in astral projection. If you try to listen just with closed eyes, without sleep you experience only the hallucinations of the "dream" of those experience this sleeping or in astral projection. Don't need listen Astral Projection or Deep Sleep before, just close your eyes and have confidence. Don't be scared with the white noise, is to keep you alert for a most lucid and vivid experience as possible. Advanced users get a better "trip" and IF you listen this with a music, listen a music genre you don't like(remember you receive ANOTHER ego for a good time. Loop at 33 minutes for keep the trip as time you wish.

Re: Another-Ego (Prototype-1)

Warning: It is just the first prototype, i will fix higher tones and use white noise decently.