Topic: "Black Boxes" of today: Fisher-Wallace / Alpha-Stim? Anyone tried it?

I am wondering if anybody here has done any research on, or attempted, to cure a mood disorder such as depression with one of the newer devices, particularly the Fisher-Wallace device which is approved by the FDA ( Since we are all here because we are seeking to alter our brain patterns in some way without using traditional medication, I thought I would ask. I personally have severe treatment-resistant depression that, after trying 23 different medications including ketamine, electroshock therapy (which screwed up my memory BIG-time. think twice.) and TMS, will only respond to a mixture of an opioid, a stimulant, and an MAOI - needless to say, a combo that's super dangerous, hard to manage, and that I would love to either simplify or ditch. I've been reading about Meg Patterson curing heroin addicts with her black box frequencies in the 60's, and although electronic currents were involved, I can't help but think that since the frequencies on this site have definite effects on me, that maybe these devices are worth investigating. Anyone have thoughts/insights/experiences?

Useful links: … depression … apies.html (Depression: … sion.html)

Also this bibliography was a great resource that I had not seen before: … biblio.htm

Re: "Black Boxes" of today: Fisher-Wallace / Alpha-Stim? Anyone tried it?

Well I can't say for sure but Delta waves have the best "while you were sleeping" you were recovering effects. They alter the mind to have dreams which in-turn help the mind sort out information. This theoretically can help. My tone GodSleep 2.0 helps with this by offering delta waves in conjunction with near delta wave to induces delightful dreams. You also need to sleep while listening. Put it on some speakers and pop a nighttime sleep aid like melatonine (at 6, so your body has time to use it) go to bed around 8 and you will wake up refreshed and at ease. I will say that these tones will not "cure" depression. But I have heard that Yoga in conjugation with meditation can help. Try this before you try another "treatment" - EST was based off brainwave treatment, but fails to help with many cases.