Topic: Help us fight the spam!

We are currently working to stop the spam coming into our site. There are several ways that the programs help the Admin Team do this, but you can help too! Its as simple as posting! Replying to others helps us see that you are real as well! Over the next week we will be banning the fake users from our site and deleting them from the server. Expect less spam, but also do your part! Often spamming accounts will use a wall or links and or text, sometimes images, and then will never post again. Generally they are just there to share viruses, and explicit site links (usually that link to even more virus programs). If we see a user has posted many times, such as 3 or 4 since they joined, we wont accidentally ban and delete you. So please post!

We are currently deleting users that show signs of bad IP addresses, and these people (if they are human) can remake the account. However, some users also have email addresses that are linked to spam too, these users are banned entirely. If you want to avoid either category posting relevant to SINE information, requests, are commentary will stop us from deleting you! 

TLDR; post on the forum to avoid being deleted from the server. We are at war with spam bots, do your part to join the cause!

Re: Help us fight the spam!


We have now deleted all users with less then 1 post. This means if you had an account you will need to remake it again. We are sorry if this was inconvenient and yet we encourage you to remake the account, even if you do not plan to post (we hope you do it helps the app gain traction on the internet). We cannot restore your avatar's if they were deleted because of this, nor can we restore any other data deleted because of this, such as PM's sent. However you can reclaim your username. We encourage all users to use their real name here, but if you wish to stay anonymous please use a name that looks real, for example JonWest, not J2302. Users that use names like "admin" or "sine" or attempt to look official are going to receive an official notice of the next 24 hours, please plan on changing you name if it looks too good to be true. We thank you for being patient!