Topic: I identify as manicreader

Hello all,

I am pretty familiar with binaural beats and isochronic tones due to trying just about every applicable app on the PlayStore over the past 2 years.

I find that isochronic tones work for me, but binaural beats do not work at all (for me). Additionally, most isochronic tones do not work for me either, but some do, so I am not a skeptic.

I am curious as to why this would be, and have an interest in the editor. I feel that a free exchange of ideas regarding effectivity of isochronic tones would be highly interesting.

Thank you for reading, and apologies for this mega-post.

Re: I identify as manicreader

Hi! Welcome to the SINE Community.
Download the PC version and play around with the editor. In the manual you will find an introduction to isochronic tones and some frequencies, you can find more online and in this post: