Topic: The future of SINE

Dear users,
I'm Federico, the developer of SINE. I know I haven't been very active lately, and it's mostly because I've been working on other projects. Unfortunately, I'm here to bring you some bad news.

I created SINE in 2014 because I wanted a completely free and open source brainwave entrainment application. Over the years, SINE has grown, with the additions of a community, a webapp, and the Android app. Stagnation began in 2017, when another one of my projects, LibreSpeed, really took off in a way that none of my projects ever did, becoming the best and most popular open source speed testing software.

Over the last 3 years, I kept SINE online, paying for hosting, domain, etc., but now with the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting financial crisis, I'm in a difficult situation, where I can hardly justify how much I pay for this every year.
I have therefore decided to put an end to this project. Unless someone steps in and wants to continue development, this is what will happen in 2021:
* The community will be closed
* The SINE apps and all the presets will still be available for download from my website (, but they will no longer be developed or maintained
* The domain will be shut down

If someone wants to step in and maintain SINE, please contact me at