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Topic: Hello, fellow entrainers

I'm acrinym( or Jag) , and am an experienced researcher. I've been through a lot of binaurals and isochronic tones.

Through my research and use, I learned that I can send literal feelings and emotions to others, by imagining it and feeling it on / with them.
This has worked in numerous times, and even on people I don't know well personally, I asked if I could test it on them.

One person from work, I was able to see into his mind - he's a programmer, so I saw numbers and code.

My brother's girlfriend, she got all warm and fuzzy when I projected at her.

I have a lot of ideas and a very life-changing invention to create, but need to speak with engineers or at least *an* engineer so we can make it happen.

I've known about brain modulation and entrainment since maybe 2009.

Message me , let's talk about this!