Topic: Hello my fellow vibrations in the sea of time

Hi im klick,
I would describe myself as a moderate to advanced free diver. From lucid dreaming, astral projection, and out of body experience in what I like to call the grey. I am disabled physically so I often spend 10+ hours a day doing meditation, speeding up time, astral projection, and going into the grey. Best I can describe the grey is our planet but in Gray scale out of body experience. Sometimes I'd see others flying around but not often occasionally I'd see possibly humanoid life forms from another dimension of alien idk. They all have exaggerated brows almost like a snakes thin lips no ears but small holes, no nose instead two small pits never seen one open its mouth.They wear black skin tight seamless shirt/pant combined they have very broad shoulders tall muscular they walk instead of float and seem to use some type of device on sleeping people. Skin isn't scaley more like leather and darker than the people I see floating which are lighter than those sleeping or during day those in their bodies. Idk I had a weird experience recently I jumped into the grey as I normally do and found one of these inside my room normally when I jump I go straight out the roof of my home and hover above but this time I found myself unable to go that far I went out my wall it followed not through the wall tho but quickly through the house and out door (I'm on 2nd floor) with it's weird device. it was strange I just didn't feel right almost tired So I turned toward it as it caught up and looked it dead in the eyes which blinked both side ways
w 2 inner eye lids and down  w a 3rd outer lid it looked startled that I could see it. I have always jumped starting w breathing then body awareness then putting each body part into a relaxed state keeping my mind focused on a singular point in my head I will then see large vibrant colors I will start of slowly rotating wrist joints and ankles  following the vibration of my focal point rotating faster and extending the vibrations at these areas till my whole body is ecompessed in a single vibration then open my eyes at my focal point. never tried to interact with anything In the grey but  whatever he was doing felt draining I focused on my hand and vibrating it and hit the device from his hand I started feeling better and he backed away pacing almost like he was unsure of what to do. Since then I've struggled to jump each time I try I see several of them over me quickly pushing me back. Anyone else seen or  experience anything like this? Any suggestions Ive never had problems b4 and been doing it for years even using binaural n isochronic tracks same thing.