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Topic: Greetings

Greetings to all, I have looked through much of the material on this site an found it interesting. I have also been looking into Sharry  Edwards work. She has done some fascinating work.
I also look into the work of  Dr. Jeffrey Thompson. 
Another favorite of mine is Corentin Louis Kervran an his writings Biological Transmutations.
And then there is Georges  Lakhovsky,  Ruth Drown,  an of coarse Rife.
On the subject of light an healing I would recommend Dinshah Ghadiali Storyan his writings of Let There Be Light!
Dr. Ibrahim Karim BioGeometry I recommend form bioGeometry aspects of things.

I look forward to understanding this much more, an hope to learn from you folks as well.

Thank you.

Re: Greetings

Welcome aboard tx29bs
Interesting name I wish you much learning and success here.  You 've already got a good start educating me.