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Topic: Hi, New to Sine - loving it

New here. You all are just blowing me away.

Exploring and learning. Used brainwave cds in the past, not recently. Just found Sine. So far exploring all the presets supplied by much appreciated creators and, more recently the forum.  What an extraordinary community.

I am basically an explorer and lifelong learner. Long time meditator. I love to read, but find experiencing more important than reading.

Would love to learn how to evaluate and describe various frequencies, entrainment modes and presets, I am a writer and could help with descriptions if I had a better handle on things,

Would love to learn how to create a preset. Are there books that give the principles?

Most important! I am grateful to the founder/administrator (and to the contributors). A lot of work, love, and passion has gone into the Sine project. Thank you so much,


Re: Hi, New to Sine - loving it

Thank you and welcome to the SINE community!

You can find an "introductory course" about tones in the SINE Editor manual, or just look online, there are a lot of websites about this topic.

Re: Hi, New to Sine - loving it

Welcome to sign your already loving it here you'll be a regular for sure! Because that's how I got into this!