Topic: Do gamma isochronic tones work?

Hello, I was watching the tutorial on the site and the tutor said that isochronic tones only works in 1 - 20Hz range. But the tutorial is from 2014 and I saw some presets with gamma frequency so I would like to know if they work or not. If not, do you recomend binarual beats for gamma?

And a bonus question, I wan't to listen to isochronic tones via smartphone speaker, it is enough to work? How loud should it be and what base frequency?

Re: Do gamma isochronic tones work?

Isochronic tones work best in the 1-20Hz range, but it's possible to have presets with gamma frequencies.

About your second question, you can use speakers for isochronic tones, but headphones are recommended.

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Re: Do gamma isochronic tones work?

In my personal experience to date I have seen the gamma frequencies help with precognition.

I found this when using them on a demo account for options. When I would use this frequency I would make many profitable options trades. More than I would make using just charts.