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Obsessed with brain entertainment since 2008, here to learn, as I do not have much to offer as contribution other than my experience using the programs.

I've tried a few brain entertainment programs, including ones from other entrainment tools and so far I am still an avid fan of this app.

The first one that blew my mind was the Marijuana setting, I did get a high, it was so funny, I had to do it again and again. So now I am addicted to this kind of entertainment.

The second one was the Painkiller setting. I cant sleep without it, back then though. Now its automatic. Once I put on my earphones, I just fall into a deep sleep.

One of the best experiences I had was when I was using Regression Hypnosis , listening when i sleep, using it for a week. And that's when it happened... woke up to memories from past flashing before my eyes, unraveling like the pages of a book. It was intense as I cannot recall any of that until I've processed it with a hypnotherapist, it suddenly made sense. It was a repressed traumatic memory. It did help me understand myself, love myself more.

This sounds so testimonial but I believe brain stimulation is the future. Someday this will be a big thing, and I want to be here to be part of this progress.

Thanks and good day to all!

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Welcome Aboard! I hope you enjoy us!

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That's awesome! Welcome to the community Meryl!