Topic: I'm the new macOS branch developer

Hello! My name is ahabhyde

I'm a friend of the original dev of the app, and I recently joined this project as an app maintainer, especially the macOS branch.
As always, the new code is visible in the SINE repo on GitHub.


Re: I'm the new macOS branch developer

hip hip hooray! thank you for joining the team. i greatly appreciate you for doing this. this app and some of the presets here are really the only entrainment frequencies that have worked( i have tried much of what i was able to dig from the web) from youtube to endless google results the isochronic frequencies i have found here are far above anything else.

Re: I'm the new macOS branch developer


Thank you I hope that your stay here is good and long that your abilities grow.
In doing so helping others to grow too.
As this is the the most effective app of its kind I've found.
SINE has been and continues to be part of something greater.