1 Sticky: Claim your preset

by JML_

2 Beta waves 15 Hz

by ValiLucifer

5 astral projection

by Denis Henrique

6 Gamma 40hz

by Alex

7 Sonno profondo

by Ligi Till Senatore

8 Epsilon (Sleep) Testosterone Base

by Jeannette, modified by dosse

9 learning

by dr.manhattan

10 Active L

by dr.manhattan

11 Tinnitus Induction

by ‮•‮

12 1113 hz Sawtooth

by xn--van-xla.com

14 The majestic ramp

by Anonymous

15 Gamma Estrogen Base

by Jeannette

18 Apha Estrogen Base

by Jeannette

19 Beta Estrogen Base

by Jeannette

20 Limbo (Harmonic version)

by Anonymous

21 Limbo

by Anonymous

22 Mid-Alpha 10Hz

by JH

23 Get crazy (with less noise)

by Anonymous

24 Get crazy

by Anonymous

25 Continuous Theta

by Anonymous

26 Low Theta Ramp

by Anonymous

27 Looow delta

by Anonymous

28 Pluto in Gamma (Infinite loop)

by Ruji C. (rujic.net)

31 Chronic Pain

by ACF

32 theta to delta

by C

33 Quick Sleep + Lucid Dream

by Dr. Shale

34 Euphoria

by gabry

40 Morning Boost (Enhanced Edition) - 20 minute version

by Dr.Shale (extended by withabanjo)

41 Candy-Flip

by i-soEuphoria

42 10hz

by Dr. Manhattan

43 Pinea Lucida

by Ruji Chapnik (http://rujic.net)

44 10.5

by dr manhattan

45 Healing sleep

by withabanjo