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It is available for the app store, but I can say that I have everything works is not very stable. If I use a proxy, the scripts may not be stable enough. I hope the errors will soon disappear.

Lokly could you link us to this?

You meantion too things. For the anxiousness try GodSleep 2.0, while sleeping.
For the reaction to people smoking or vaping, your probably super sensitive to the tar in cigarettes. Vapor form e-cig could just be your brian knowing it has nicotine and throwing the same response. Not being around smoke will help. In the mean time try its the Schumann resonance, or nature's sound wave. It could help with getting back to your minds natural level when around other drugs in the air.


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Try a tone that induces energy. They are alpha and beta levels shown to help activate movement. Listen while going on a run, and eventually that to will run.

Well I can't say for sure but Delta waves have the best "while you were sleeping" you were recovering effects. They alter the mind to have dreams which in-turn help the mind sort out information. This theoretically can help. My tone GodSleep 2.0 helps with this by offering delta waves in conjunction with near delta wave to induces delightful dreams. You also need to sleep while listening. Put it on some speakers and pop a nighttime sleep aid like melatonine (at 6, so your body has time to use it) go to bed around 8 and you will wake up refreshed and at ease. I will say that these tones will not "cure" depression. But I have heard that Yoga in conjugation with meditation can help. Try this before you try another "treatment" - EST was based off brainwave treatment, but fails to help with many cases.


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@withabanjo, please move your discussion to a PM.


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This has been great! However, there are a number of topics open on the board for each of them, and no posts about how they have worked for our users (that is you!). It would be great if after listening to a preset, even if you have done it before, that you post a few statements about the preset, how it effected you (if at all) and what you would like to hear next. This does a few thins for the forum: It gives us more perspective,  and allows artists' work to be appreciated! We would like you to do this with every preset you have downloaded!

So go on a post more!
Also, dont forget we have a SINE Artist board, where creators can have one open topic per preset they made, plus an added topic for talking to fans and receiving personal requests! Set your up today if you haven't already (just PM a mod with your claim, its really easy).

@withabanjo I would have to say the best match for what you are asking about is binaural beats. SINE does not support them, however there are many sites where people will accept money (gross) for a personalized track. I cant directly share any here as it against the rules of the forum, but they are out there. Just a heads up the average price for such a track is $75 (personalized) and as low as $12 for a premade track. Do not go to youtube for binaural beats because the compression YouTube file cause the beats to mismatch and have little to no effect. However isochronic beats do just fine on YouTube.


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Akira wrote:

(Just a question, how do I know the isochronic tones are working?)

Welcome! There are many articles on the web explaining the tones, how the brain uses them, and how you know they are working! For starters, most people need to try several types of tones, they range from .01 to 45hz and each one seems to have an effect in some way. Some like the lower end in the 2.5 area (called Delta) are hard to hear, but commonly used for inducing dreams and sleep. Others in the 30hz to 45hz can make the user feel more awake and energized. give them all a try! I would recommend you lay down in a darkened room, listen to the beats and not the sound. For example, popcorn has a sound but also you can listen to each kernel popping, you want to try that. You can also imagine a ball bouncing up and down, or a jumprope. Giving yourself a visual helps, I find. Lastly, you know they have effected you if the description remotely matches the effects it gave you. For most the shorter tracks are better to start with. Good Luck!


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Sometimes the delta range is hard to hear, perhaps you should try another preset. Also just because you cant hear it doesn't mean the brain is not receiving it! Take note of the pink noise, if it is too high you could need a preset that keeps it lower. Try God Sleep 2.0!

We actually can use Atom subscribing. I will add this soon.

This is just a reminder that our section SINE Artist is open to receiving new artists. In order to join this group you must have a matching username to the presets you have uploaded. You must also prove that you created these presets. PM a mod to be able to post in this space and talk with your fans.

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Selling presets is permitted, just not through our platform. Advertisements on are site, as a reminder however, are never allowed.

My question would be how could  user effectively be able to target what type to use? The knowledge of which side of the brain to target would likley require expensive testing. Sounds interesting however.


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Moved this here as it pertains to an artist.


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I totally understand why any user would want this! However the best way for any user to feel the effects of the preset is to lay down in a dark room, and to actually close your eyes. This works in two ways:

1. The minds inability to see makes hearing easier
2. No distractions so effects like closed eye visuals can appear

There is one way a user could do this, in a backdoor fashion, Google Cardboard. You could build an app that flashes the lights at the frequency per the soundfile playing and then relax without having to hold your phone to your face. The bad news is: there is no such app (yet!). Out of the thousands of users here, hopefully one of them could make this happen, but for now just enjoy SINE as is out of the box.

Administrator wrote:

you can create a sound file this way:
-export the single tracks to audio files
-import them into a sound editor like audacity
-set the balance of the individual tracks to L or R
-export to an audio file

With respect to this information, doing so would require a few extra steps. Firstly binaural beats are less effective, require zero grey/pink/white noise and use a different formula to generate the beats. With the way presets are made you would have very different results due to how the brain interprets incoming sounds. For isochronic sounds its easy just set the rate and frequency, however with binaural sounds it left frequency minus right frequency, with the larger of the two always in the left.

So to make a 40hz frequency you can do 500hz at X beats per second minus 470hz at Y beats per second. While this does allow for humans to "hear" inaudible and unreachable frequency levels its very hard to reach the correct rates of beats per second and the correct ratio to hear them well. Its possible, and I welcome anyone that wants to do this challeng, but with SINE its not really feasible.

The SINE editor does not allow for this because that would generate binaural beats, a different less effective form of brain wave entrainment. The reson its lesser in effect is because only a small number of people find they work well. It requires 4 seperate sound tracks to be remotely heard, and the files generated useully needs to be packed in a lossless audio file.

I am pleased to announce the a new section has opened called General Discussion, located under SINE Bugs!

This area is for discussion over the topic of non-editing and no requests, and should pretain to the forum topic of brain wave enhancement. Please do not post there if it is not related to this topic,  feel free to pm a mod if you wish to have a new area of topic over something more specific.

Have you tried GodSleep 2.0?

We have had to tighten the controls of our small forum.
Over the next month you will have to answer small quests to post replies, or make new topics. Sorry for the inconvenience.

SINE Staff


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Not a problem! I am only sporadically going to make more Sine Presets so that others can join in! Please let me know if this set helped you!


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The scary stuff is at it again, the meth not me (sorta), this time on a youtube near you. TheMindTree brings you: Meth. In all its dark glory. However this sound only begins to tap into what it does to your mind, body effects sold separately.


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GodSleep (1.0) is on Youtube! Check it out here


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I have just put this up on Youtube check it out!]

Karma in the terms of forums is when users can "like or dislike" a user's post. In thinking of adding this feature I (JML_) wanted to let our new community add input. You will have a month to vote.  Please, if you want this to happen then give it a vote for yes!


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Also this is a friendly reminder that the previous requests are no longer valid. If you would like me to work on something new please request it here!


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The Christ Consciousness is uploaded you can get it here


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Ok I will start working on these! Thank you for the request!


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Welcome! Feel free to post and respond so we can fill this forum with lots of info!


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Good news then! Please update if this has continued to help!


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Sorry for the delay!
This is a highly emotional preset (if they had emotions wink )
The contents of the file are
* a pick noise background - used to "defrustrate the brain when listening to beats"
* track one that goes from 8.1 to 6 Hz - this makes the mind relax, but 6 Hz is fr creativity
* track one then flows to 9.7 Hz which is an alert state.
* while track one plays 9.7 hz track two plays a 1 Hz tone, and this is where "it" happens.
The mind hears a relax and alert tone that sometimes syncs to a median 5.35 Hz tone for inducing a "fear, absent-mind, or dizzy sensation"
I choose these along with carrier frequencies that may sound like a "3rd tone" is in the background. Its supposed to sound like a fade in fade out over a one second wave. 
If you have any further questions i will fully welcome them!


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Update! -
Sorry if anyone has been missing my work. I was working on this forum and then got caught up in college projects and papers. Please if you have any requests I will take them from here. This includes if you previously made a request.


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If you do just a tiny bit of lite Google searching you will find that there are many techniques to lucid dream, listening to beats such as these may help your brain reach a level of lucid dreaming. If you find that you are lucid dreaming after using this preset please share!
I find that when i use these beats (there are many others) that I fall asleep and my headphones fall out so i usually meditate and use other lucid dream enhancing methods.


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Yes I would agree admin, the Ganzfield Alpha-Beta Focus/Concentration by Mike is a good bet. Give us and update and welcome to the forum!