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Important: SINE is shutting down

SINE and will be shut down in 2021. See topic

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Hi everyone!  I am enjoying the SINE program/player and liked the administrator's comments to Un4gettable.  I had listened to so-called binaural stuff on You-Tube out of curiousity over a year ago, but really got interested in all this when I downloaded an isochronic-tone app several months ago labeled as "binaural beats" (not SINE) from GooglePlay, and it actually had an effect on me.  This led me into the whole binaural beats thing, and eventually into I-Doser for awhile.  Truthfully, it is somewhat effective, but not as much as isochronic-tone based tracks are.  I also stumbled onto the HBX and SINE apps on GooglePlay which led me to the HBX and SINE websites.  The isochronic stuff seems to have greater affect on me than the binaural.  Anyway, I have done a lot my searching on the whole entire topic of brain entrainment and finally feel a little bit wiser (not as misinformed) as I used to be.  The whole concept of training your mind to respond in a certain way is fascinating to me and I intend to put it into my daily routine.  I hope to pick up more understanding of this technology and how it works so I can effectively use it to become an improved and better person, but I am also interested in it's use to aid in things I am also interested in such as lucid dreaming, which I have yet to experience, but hope to in the future.

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